16 February 2009

There is strength in surrender

If you are into astrology at all, then you will know what i mean when i say i'm aquarian.  Aquarians are typically independent, individual, strong headed knowing their own mind, loners and have a rather unique way of doing things (my orderliness is your chaos).  Some would say not the good makings of a submissive-cum-slave.  i disagree.

There is much strength in being independent and strong willed.  i can look after myself.  i can be responsible for others if i must.  Don't like it, don't want to be, but i can.  It takes a very confident, mature and strong man to dominate a slave like that.  i don't just give it up for anybody and no matter how submissive i was feeling, i'll still tell you to fuck off if you cross a line (like the so called 'doms' who read my profile and ask if i want a master).

Knowing the submissive is no pushover and must be woed and conjoled and even reasoned with in order to win her mind and heart, means the Dominant must be stronger still and is valiant in his efforts.  the submissive is a prize worth winning and He is entitled to the true mean of Master.  it is a great ego boost to the Master who wins her because she won't give herself to just anybody.  So to finally have her kneel and surrender is truly a wonderful moment for them both.  He has shown He is worthy of her trust and surrender and she has shown she is deserving of His domination.  

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