17 February 2009

i think i'm on a travellator

Its amazing how you can be idling for the longest time at one moment, then revving up the next. That's how i feel. i realise i'm ready to go into a TPE M/s relationship with Master and i have no qualms or worries about that. i used to be terrified once upon a time. Not now.

i think coming to realise my position as His property and also that my position as inferior because i'm a woman has helped this process. i see Men as superior, as the glorisous creatures They are to be served and worshipped and adored.

This morning when He left for work i was given an order to cum on the coffee table in roughly an hour's time from that, (which turned out to be 7am my time). Knowing i was doing it for Him gave it a very nice edge thank you.


  1. I'm so glad you aren't worried about going into a TPE M/s relationship with you Master. Isn't it amazing that when the right one comes along you can give you're all to, the fear subsides and the fire ignites ever so deeply?

    Wishing you well


  2. Thank you :) Yep, i've held back with everyone before, just not enough trust there, but Master is different. i look into His eyes and i see love and trust going all the way down.


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