26 February 2009


Today i have designated clean up the bedroom day. We both have a habit of putting things down and leaving them there. We start little stacks everywhere and just move items from one stack to another, until a big mess is what we have.

So today, the big mess formally known as our bedroom is getting the treatment. Yesterday it was the lounge and kitchen, putting away the cases and things we had taken on the weekend with us. i know, slack arent' i?

The bedroom is mostly my domain. i used to have an office when i was running my business, but now there is no business, the office has been given back to Master to use as His den. Two rooms in the house i don't touch, His den (we affectionaately call it the office) and the dungeon. They are His private spaces, places where He can do as He likes. i do use the office while He's at work. He has a kick arse computer, which i've named Big Mumma. mine is very slow to do everything, even with ADSL2. He doesn't mind me using it because He knows i don't go snooping. As long as i hand it back as soon as He's ready to take over, which i always do.

Next week my BA studies start, so my time will not be my own. That's why i'm trying to get the house in thorough order this week. All i will have to do after that is just keep on top of things. i've discovered i don't actually mind housework. i used to hate it because it never ends. you do something today and tomorrow it needs doing again. Actually, i've realised if you have everything done and just need to do maintenance cleaning, its not long, hard or boring. Its letting it get to a state of utter chaos that's the problem.

Currently, our wardrobe is the bed in the spare room. Washing gets dumped there and we pick new clothes to wear from it. i will be tackling that tomorrow. So by Sunday the house will be in proper order. Let one thing go and everything just piles up. i've decided the best thing to do, is each day i will start by doing the quick clean, take about 30 minutes to do the essentials (toilet, bathroom, make bed etc) and then each day will give a more thorough go over of one room. Then i will be free for the rest of the day to spend on study and whatnot. Now i just have to stick to the plan lol.


  1. This is great to read! Organizing your external clutter and chaos really does help cleanse the mind as well! But be sure to take it slow and don't put extra pressure on yourself about it. Sounds like you've got a terrific approach so far!

  2. Bedroom cleanup? Yikes. I had better keep my wife busy so she doesn't read this post and get any bad ideas. ;)

  3. @ Tiggs, yes i like to do things that don't take a lot of thought, it helps me to organise my thoughts. Ironing is great for this.

    @Dante, lol what would happen if she did get bad ideas?

  4. Your bed room sounds like mine lol...I hate house work too...but your plan does sound like a good idea...Unfortunately my 4 kids add sooo much mess it will take more then 30 mins for a quick clean...

    Karen x


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