28 February 2009

Very happy

A friend of mine has broken up her 6 year relationship to what i affectionally term a vanilla bastard. A guy who 'plays Dom' in order to use a woman for whatever reason. Its been hard for her because it was her first experience and she had no way of knowing if he was decent or not. Since breaking up, she's been in touch with a few but none of them were right. She's also done some foolish stuff, but we all have to do that when first starting out.

i have a knack for picking out decent people, even just by what they write in a profile. i saw one guy's profile at collarme.com and messaged her saying He was a goodun. He lives in another state, but that really isn't an issue because she doesn't really have anything to keep her here. So she sent Him a message and bingo! She said He's great. He's relaxed with Himself, likes to have a bit of a joke and doesn't buy into all the posturing. He's also more than happy to just chat and if nothing happens, to be friends. i've given her advice on how to handle this one. This Man is a good one, He's decent and if all works out, will do right by her. i've told her if she takes my advice on this, He is the one for her.

i don't exactly match make, i can just read people really well. i got my sister to go on a date with a guy she met on the internet and after 6 years together and buying a house they will be married later this year. He is definitely a good one. Same as i've picked out a guy for my younger sister, but unfortunately, she won't listen, so i've let that one go.

As for me...

Just over a week ago, i sent Master an email saying i wanted and needed for us to move to a TPE relationship. i had come to a point of surrendering myself to Him and i wanted to give up all rights i might have. Tonight we discussed this and He said He took my word at that time. i told Him i didn't know because i hadn't been told. He has a habit of discussing something and taking it away to think over before making a decision, so i wasn't aware He had decided to just accept it and that was it.

Well, now its official. i am a slave without any right - and doesn't that make me one horny bitch! Very happy.


  1. I hope it works out well for your friend...& it all goes well with your Master...


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