17 February 2009

Discovering peace within

i stumbled across some yahoo groups yesterday for those who believe the natural order of things is for Man to be in total control and women to be their owned property. As i read on, i came across some links to blog pages where a Man was discussing what's wrong with the world today and laying it solely at the feet of feminism.

As i read i could feel layers being stripped away. i stayed up all night to read, but i'm finding myself in a place of peace and calm for the first time in ages. Its all because of what i read. Men are superior to women. That is just how it is. women are inferior beings who need to be controlled by Men. He had this to say about women...

Moodiness, emotional instability, irrationality, flakiness, self-contradiction, cattiness, amorality, endless gossip, turning accountability into victimhood, unreliability, snapping under pressure, nagging, pettiness, narcissisic, no gratitude, dissmulation, manipulation, vindictiveness, back-stabbing, fraud, false accusations & shallow materialism...

and i have to agree. This is me to a tee. This is also every other woman i've known, and considering i've worked in women only establishments, that's a lot of women. Women need to have a Man keep them in their place. It is what will make them truly happy.

i also noticed that now my natural slaveness has come back, i'm starting to see Master become more dominant again. Its true, if a woman wants a Man to be more in control, she must become more submissive first.


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