22 February 2009

4th annual records party

Went to the records party last nigh. A very lovely couple on the Gold Coast (Australia), came up with the idea of having an annual records party, where people try to set and beat previous records. Last night was the 4th annual one. The best so far.

Master has a thing about chains. He loves them. Must admit, i'm kinda taken with them myself. Wanna feel like you are seriously bound to a spot or just bound? Chains will do it every time. No chance of them coming undone or breaking! So He cut two lengths of chain and wrapped them tightly around each breast, padlocking them in place. He then put one around my neck and used the same padlock in each chain to join it, so essentially it was chain bra. Very nice. i wore it under a black, short dress and you just got a hint of chain poking through.

At one point, i saw on a chair in the kitchen and He started to hit my nipples with the back of His hands. With the chain bunching everything inside my breast up and holding it firmly, it was a very different sensation than just hitting the nipple. It got to a point where i seriously hurt and then it stopped hurting. i was almost flying. At one point i closed my eyes, mouth open wide and just surfed the sensations, so to speak. He stopped at this point and just held me. Took me a while to recover from subspace and i was pretty much there most of the night. Not in it, but on the boundary, easy enough to slip back in at any moment.

Later on, Master told me i will get more cock worship practice this year and possibly a chance to pussy worship as well. We have talked about getting another submissive to join us, someone for Him to train and hopefully, for me to go down on. i seriuosly love pussy. Love every thing about a woman.

This brought up some insecurities and issues for me. i love Master very much and He loves me. He's never said He's inlove with me, but has said He loves me many, many times. What if we get a submissive to join us and then He finds out He's inlove with her? That would seriously break my heart. Makes me feel teary just thinking about it now. i couldn't bear to lose Him. He is my world. i even had a cry on the drive home, though He wasn't aware.

In the end though, it is what He wants that counts. If that is to be, then it is to be. i do want someone else to join us, i always have. i just don't want to have our relationship be at risk is all.

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