23 February 2009

Back to the diet

Back on meal replacement diets today. i lost some weight (not much) with the operation for lapband and that was so nice. i was just about in size 18 again and then i went and put most of it back on! Not happy Jan!

So, its back to meal replacements twice a day, a snack and evening meal of whatever i like, just keeping it in moderation. Master has also said He will get me a wii fit, so i can exercise at home and really begin to shed those kilos!


  1. Ah, the Wii fit! The LG wants one and I think I'll probably use it even more than he will, once he gets it. He's having to earn the money himself, so it will be a while. They are so damn expensive!

    Big reassuring hugs on your new diet plans though... I'm sure that with your Master's help and guidance, you're gonna do great!

  2. Thank you hun. It will all get there. Just not sure when - being sick is no fun.


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