23 February 2009

The not good stuff

On Saturday, on the way down to the gold coast, we stopped off to get some nandos chicken. i ended up getting slight food poisoning that didn't cripple me but now its Monday and i still feel lousy from it. One of those nagging headaches that don't need a pill, but are just 'there' constantly. Also, got icky nausea and a slight case of the gd's (gds = gotta dash (to toilet) ). Not so great. Hopefully, tomorrow will see me feeling better.

Forgot to mention before, on Saturday before we left i received a punishment for not completing a task 2 days before. i haven't been punished for anything in over 2 years (not because i'm extra good, because we had been really low key - almost nilla for that period of time) and it was a real shock to the system.

Today, Master cracked a tooth and had to get it out. So, He is not feeling the best poor Man. i remember getting a tooth out and it is so not fun!

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  1. A punishment after so long must have been really difficult to bear, but glad it has cleared the air again! As to the dentist, no, I'd rather be tied to the back of a car naked and drug through gravel streets than go to the dentist! I hope he feels much better soon!


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