27 February 2009

Can we say organigimse

Just taking a quick break from cleaning the bedroom. Yes, i know, was gonna do it yesterday. Good excuse though. i'm still not 100% well from the tummy bug. i'm having one day yick and one day ok. Yesterday was yick day, so today is clean the bloody room day.

Which means i did find my walking DVD again, so now there is no excuse - yay (oh).

Have been trying some of my clothes on again. With the help of my friendly little tummy big, the GDs and not feeling particularly hungry i am now pretty much back to where i was before christmas. One more week and i will be back where i started. Recovering lost ground in 2 months is absolutely excellent for me. i'm very excited and have now set the new goal of size 16 (14 to my US friends). This will be an exciting goal to reach. i have not been a 16 since i was about 27. This will be the slap i need to wake me up - hello! yes this is real. you are losing weight.

Now, what will be the special reward i set for obtaining that goal? hm, this could be interesting.

OK off to get yoghurt for afternoon snack and then back to work.


  1. Good luck with your diet...I am trying to lose weight too...

    Karen x


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