17 February 2009

a letter to Master

To my Beloved Master,

i cannot explain where my submission has been for the past two years or why it has come back so suddenly now, but it is here and i'm so glad it has come back.

in the two years since offering me Your collar of Ownership, You have been the most patient, accepting, loving Man and Master any woman/slave could wish for. i think i needed that time to learn to trust You on a deep level, i don't know, i only know i have come out the other side with a trust, love and respect that goes deeper than i have felt for anyone.

i feel so honoured and privileged to be Your slave. i now realise a slave is what i am and what i want to be. i feel i am now able to fully surrender myself to You as a slave, not a submissive and i feel overwhelmed with love and gratitude that i can do this with You.

W/we both know i'm gonna fall on the way again, but i have the utmost confidence You will be there to pick me up. i will go with full commitment and full surrender as far as i can and know You will wait for me when i find myself unable to take a step forward, but i know i shall be able to go wherever You wish to lead us. Inability to trust has been at the bottom of all my issues and wavering with my surrender to You, finally coming to a place where i am able to accept my surrender and to also offer it has been a hard path to walk, but i have made it and i am here ready to go the rest of the way with You, not against You.

Please accept my love, commitment and surrender to You, the most Precious person alive on this earth.

with love,
Your slave and property,

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