24 February 2009


Master has started the search for my new collar.  We have a couple now for various reasons, all can be locked with a small lock.  Master and i both want one that has a screw in it and requires an allen wrench to open.  Some make them so the screw takes a unique wrench and can't be opened by anyone just ducking down to the local hardware store.  We both want one that will stay on permanently, but can still be taken off in case of emergency, like an operation.

Later on, i will be getting pierced as well.  i've had a few nipple piercings done and they haven't taken.  We will try again though.  The piercing of ownership however, isn't that.  We both want the Story of O style piercing.  Not what you see in the movies, what is described in the book.  The piercing is large and bulky, coming down around 1/3 the length of her thigh.  It has a disc on the end to esclaim ownership.  It also doesn't come off.  Looks like we have to get it made, because i can't find anyone selling anything like it at all.  Once its in i will be finding a new doctor.  The one i currently go to is Master's doctor and He doesn't want people outside the scene knowing about His personal business, so when i have to go for pap smears or what have you, that is going to be a give away.  Secretly, i would love for it to be a scene doctor who would have permission to use me sexually during visits.  But that's my fantasy.


  1. Evening

    I previously had a Turian Style collar that had a lock on it. I think you can see it on my page up top. I now have a collar as you are describing. My Master purchased it from Eternity, it requires an allen wrench and it's continuous around my neck. It is heavy unlike the Turian, but one gets use to it quickly, plus one always knows it's there. I love mine.

    I use to do body piercings on others and have several myself. Sometimes the nipples reject which may have happened to you. Some say that after, doing it again will not take because of scar tissue, this isn't necessarily true. While I know it's hard, don't play with them the first couple of months and it can also take an entire year to fully heal. Mine are done and I had severe pain on one side to the point I wanted to remove it, but I endured it because darnit, I wanted both. lol

    Make sure you use sea salt. Use the cap of a bottle of soda, mix the sea salt and warm water and just quickly place it to the nipple, wiggle your upper body a few times so the salt gets around the full nipple. You can also take sea salt baths. A container costs maybe a $1 or $2 in the grocery store. (we even use it for cooking since it's better on the heart)

    While I've worn barbells, loops, the captive loops and the shields, the captive loops are best to start with. One of my mistakes was putting the shields in too soon, which made the nipple extremly raw and unable to heal.

    Good luck!

    Hope to hear more as you move along.

    Wishing you well,

  2. i'm looking forward to it being locked on, to always be there. Master hasn't bought it yet, will sometime in the next few days. He's thinking about getting one from Germany.

    Thanks for the tips on nipple piercings. Yeah, my body has a habit of rejecting jewellery full stop. So far, nipples, belly ring and top of right ear are on the list. Belly wasn't deep enough and the ear one, just slowly pushed its way out the back of the ear, it was a stud.

    Am thinking next time, will get the nipples done a bit deeper. We both want this very much. Master loves the idea of really thick gauged rings through them, so the slave can see and feel she is property - and that is a big turn on.


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