24 February 2009


Let me tell you, food poisoning isn't fun.  For some reason, my system just isn't recovering that quickly.  Could be my IBS has kicked in as well *shrug*.  All i know is i still feel lousy.  Headache is a little less now, more just a tightness or nagging feeling on the side of the head.  Not feeling icky, but not feeling well and still got the gds.  Actually got that part worse now.  

Master left me with a task this morning.  i had to lay upside down on the bed, with my feet resting on the bedhead (its a high, wrought iron one)  and i had to cum.  All was good, except at the first sign of arousal i'm getting a migraine.  So, after cumming i laid there with my eyes shut and my hand pushing against my temple to try and stop the pain.  i suspect this has to do with dehydration i'm going through right now.  i'm usually in a state of slight dehydration, but when sick like this its a lot worse.  i get the migraine-with-O sometimes. It will last a day or two then suddenly go.  Right now i'm prone to headaches/migrains and i think its just to do with the food poisoning.  Its like some alien creature has entered my body and declared war.

All i want to do now is sleep.  i have no energy to do anything, barely enough to even sit here and type.  Being sick is no fun :(

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