09 March 2009

weekend update

After almost 2 weeks of tummy troubles, the trots finally stopped on Saturday.  yipee!  Just in time for a party Saturday night.  We took with us a new girl, who discovered slavery overseas and is now back in Australia, trying to get into the scene.  She has a lovely personality and a gorgous body.  Very much the look of 'O'.

A beautiful, balmy night i had a lovely swim in their pool and gave myself a massage by rolling back and forth over the power jets.  No, didn't cum because i didn't have permission.  i'd asked Master to give me a list of rules and only that morning He'd given me a book of them!  So now the no cumming rule was official *bugger*

Later on in the evening, Master was sitting in a chair and instructed me to get the new mat He'd bought for me to sit on. i sat down and slipped into a nice, mellow subpace.  Not exactly sure why, but it was fun.

This morning when i got up i was greeted with a flogger and an order to worship the little Master.  What a lovely start to the day.  A not so lovely start to the day was the greeting of the trots back again - a result of something i ate at the party.  i now also have an offical 'we don't do dairy' from the stomach union.  Seems my lactose absorbers have gone on strike.

Other News

my first week of study went really well.  i've acutally learnt something new lol, in only the first week.  Bodes well for the next 3 years.

And on the bright side, i have been spurred on to kick start that blasted diet again.  A friend gave me the details of the doctor she sees about her fills.  Medicare pays for it and she only has to shell out $10 from her own pocket.  Much better than the $100+ the other doctor was going to charge me.  So with tummy being a tad princess-y lately, there is no better time to start.

07 March 2009

Becareful what you ask for

Asked Master to write out a list of rules for me to follow. Nothing special, just His rules. Was thinking of maybe 10 to 12 on an A4 page i can print up and frame.

Master handed me a book of 12 pages!!!!!!

04 March 2009


Well, 2 days behind when i should have started this week, but not doing too badly. Slogged through a lot of heavy reading material today. Brain forgot what its like. Did just over 1 hour of reading when i got up, then did just over 1 hour of sleeping again - this is after getting 9 straight hours last night!

Manged to finish all the reading for one of my units today, which is really good. Took as many breaks as i needed to rest the eyes and the brain. After watching another ep of Big Love tonight, i came and started going through my notes for my next subject, which will be done tomorrow. Just got 2 lectures to listen to and some extra reading for that one.

So far, its all pretty cruisy.

03 March 2009

unchain my heart...

no, literally!  Master and i had a breakfast meeting with a slave new to the area.  We had to leave home around 5.45am.  Master thought it would be too cute to padlock some chain around each breast, under my bra.  i was told to keep them on all day, unless something came up.  Well yes, they have been on all day.  Nothing has come up, unfortunately, because now they are starting to get to that annoying-hurty stage.  But not enough to take them off :(

Got my final details for my last uni website, so am tackling study tomorrow all day.  Its now just after 4pm and i feel wiped.


Yesterday was day one of my study lol.  Well, i was able to sign into 2 of the unis i need to, but not number 3. Will have to call them today to get the passwords and stuff.  The way i'm studying, i sign up for units from anywhere listed (currently 7 unis) and then compile a BA out of that, following certain guidelines.  For instance, with one of them, i have to do 8 units from that uni and a major they've put together in order to get the BA from them.  The major they've put together happens to be the religion studies one - and that just happens to be run by a uni different to who i'm getting the BA through - so, the need to have a 2nd uni for that.  The third uni is who i'm doing the second BA through.

All very confusing i know.  Anyway, after getting back from out breakfast out, i will tracking down the 3rd uni and getting those passwords.  Most of the info i need is sent to me, but there is still some on the uni forums and i can't get to them without a password.  *sigh*

Big Love

Master bought the first complete season of Big Love on DVD.  We're upto ep 4 now.  Part of the reason to get it is to observe how poly households work.  Thats poly as in polygamous, not polyamorous.  He's not polyamorous, that's me.

Before meeting me, He never thought about having more than one slave, He didn't know if He would meet any that were Ok with that.  So, i think i was a breath of fresh air in that department. 

So, i asked Him if He was picking up any tips.  Nope, He's been too caught up in the story line lol.

Now i am poly and i do look forward to having someone else join us, i do have a couple of insecurities though.  But that's left off stuff from my past.  i won't be letting it get in the way and we will be working through all the steps together, to make sure its a success for us.  He's not interested in a sexual relationship with another, just the domming of them.  There is also my being bi and Him having a fantasy of two women together (what straight man doesn't?), so we both feel a married woman who wants to explore this side of herself (the submitting not the bi so much) - with her husband's concent or a lesbian would make an idea second slave.  i told Him, He's much more likely to find the housewife than anyone else.

Here we go again

i was wiped out last night, actually in bed by 9pm which is unheard of for me! So what happens? i wake up at 2.45 yep, great!

i was involved with a bit of an email 'discussion' with someone who is 23 and just discovered BDSM through one website. She had decided to become an expert on the subject and to declare a sub or slave can't go into subspace with a light flogging. No actual life experience mind, just what she's been reading from masochists. It seems a masochist can go into subspace, but a sub can't - mind you, as i pointed out, it is called subspace for a reason.  Apparently, we all need pain to get there.  Hm.  The fact i was once ordered by a Dom to undress and bingo! went into subspace appears to be a lie according to her understanding.  It all depends on who, how, when, where, why and what bloody mood i'm in.

The clamps only stayed on for 1 hour yesterday after all.  i'm rather 'well endowed' in that area and because of angle of trajectory, the clamps had to be done up a lot firmer than expected to not fall off.  Having a metal chain connecting them didn't help.  So it was one hour, they came off at 10 and bed beckoned soon after.  i ended up sleeping from 10.30 to 2pm.  Which makes it even harder to understand why i was wiped out by 9pm.

02 March 2009


Insomnia is a bitch. Didn't get to sleep til around 2am. Woken just after 6 by Master coming into to padlock some small chains around my wrists before He went to work. i was also given instructions to call Him.

So, up, had breakfast and shower and call. i have to put some nipple clamps on from 9 - 12. Not really tight ones, these i just have to tighten enough so stay on. Its all about them just being there.

i feel so wiped out right now. Its gonna be a looooong day.

01 March 2009


So went shopping and bought foods to start new diet plan.

meal replacement shake
piece of fruit

meal replacement shake

Afternoon Snack
yoghurt with LSA added

moderate meal of whatever i feel like. Currently, no starch carbs

To this i will have upto 3 coffees a day and a couple of diet soft drinks will be OK. i'm also going to aim for around 2 litres of water a day. At present i'm on one of my 'i hate the taste of water' kicks, so to help me i've bought some lemons to add a touch of lemon juice and some flavoured cordial so i can add a touch of that to disguise the taste.

i will be doing my walking DVD each week day. Friday night is a ritual of dip and chips/crips for dinner while watching Top Gear. That's not changing, except we are now including raw veggies to use with the dip.

i'm not going to be a nazi about this. i am following this plan but if something comes up and it has to be altered - like going to a munch for lunch - then i am going to alter my plan. The meal replacements aren't forever, they are simply to kick start the weigthloss again and also to help me shed some so when i go for the next fill, the doc won't be angry with me. After the fill i can stick with regular food, i just won't feel like as much.

i've made up my own diet regime in the past and they have always worked for a short time. The problem comes when my brain decides i've been so good i can reward myself with every fattening thing known to man, until i've put it all back on and them some.

oh shit

Period pain from hell. That's all.