01 March 2009


So went shopping and bought foods to start new diet plan.

meal replacement shake
piece of fruit

meal replacement shake

Afternoon Snack
yoghurt with LSA added

moderate meal of whatever i feel like. Currently, no starch carbs

To this i will have upto 3 coffees a day and a couple of diet soft drinks will be OK. i'm also going to aim for around 2 litres of water a day. At present i'm on one of my 'i hate the taste of water' kicks, so to help me i've bought some lemons to add a touch of lemon juice and some flavoured cordial so i can add a touch of that to disguise the taste.

i will be doing my walking DVD each week day. Friday night is a ritual of dip and chips/crips for dinner while watching Top Gear. That's not changing, except we are now including raw veggies to use with the dip.

i'm not going to be a nazi about this. i am following this plan but if something comes up and it has to be altered - like going to a munch for lunch - then i am going to alter my plan. The meal replacements aren't forever, they are simply to kick start the weigthloss again and also to help me shed some so when i go for the next fill, the doc won't be angry with me. After the fill i can stick with regular food, i just won't feel like as much.

i've made up my own diet regime in the past and they have always worked for a short time. The problem comes when my brain decides i've been so good i can reward myself with every fattening thing known to man, until i've put it all back on and them some.

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