03 March 2009

Here we go again

i was wiped out last night, actually in bed by 9pm which is unheard of for me! So what happens? i wake up at 2.45 yep, great!

i was involved with a bit of an email 'discussion' with someone who is 23 and just discovered BDSM through one website. She had decided to become an expert on the subject and to declare a sub or slave can't go into subspace with a light flogging. No actual life experience mind, just what she's been reading from masochists. It seems a masochist can go into subspace, but a sub can't - mind you, as i pointed out, it is called subspace for a reason.  Apparently, we all need pain to get there.  Hm.  The fact i was once ordered by a Dom to undress and bingo! went into subspace appears to be a lie according to her understanding.  It all depends on who, how, when, where, why and what bloody mood i'm in.

The clamps only stayed on for 1 hour yesterday after all.  i'm rather 'well endowed' in that area and because of angle of trajectory, the clamps had to be done up a lot firmer than expected to not fall off.  Having a metal chain connecting them didn't help.  So it was one hour, they came off at 10 and bed beckoned soon after.  i ended up sleeping from 10.30 to 2pm.  Which makes it even harder to understand why i was wiped out by 9pm.

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