03 March 2009


Yesterday was day one of my study lol.  Well, i was able to sign into 2 of the unis i need to, but not number 3. Will have to call them today to get the passwords and stuff.  The way i'm studying, i sign up for units from anywhere listed (currently 7 unis) and then compile a BA out of that, following certain guidelines.  For instance, with one of them, i have to do 8 units from that uni and a major they've put together in order to get the BA from them.  The major they've put together happens to be the religion studies one - and that just happens to be run by a uni different to who i'm getting the BA through - so, the need to have a 2nd uni for that.  The third uni is who i'm doing the second BA through.

All very confusing i know.  Anyway, after getting back from out breakfast out, i will tracking down the 3rd uni and getting those passwords.  Most of the info i need is sent to me, but there is still some on the uni forums and i can't get to them without a password.  *sigh*

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