09 March 2009

weekend update

After almost 2 weeks of tummy troubles, the trots finally stopped on Saturday.  yipee!  Just in time for a party Saturday night.  We took with us a new girl, who discovered slavery overseas and is now back in Australia, trying to get into the scene.  She has a lovely personality and a gorgous body.  Very much the look of 'O'.

A beautiful, balmy night i had a lovely swim in their pool and gave myself a massage by rolling back and forth over the power jets.  No, didn't cum because i didn't have permission.  i'd asked Master to give me a list of rules and only that morning He'd given me a book of them!  So now the no cumming rule was official *bugger*

Later on in the evening, Master was sitting in a chair and instructed me to get the new mat He'd bought for me to sit on. i sat down and slipped into a nice, mellow subpace.  Not exactly sure why, but it was fun.

This morning when i got up i was greeted with a flogger and an order to worship the little Master.  What a lovely start to the day.  A not so lovely start to the day was the greeting of the trots back again - a result of something i ate at the party.  i now also have an offical 'we don't do dairy' from the stomach union.  Seems my lactose absorbers have gone on strike.

Other News

my first week of study went really well.  i've acutally learnt something new lol, in only the first week.  Bodes well for the next 3 years.

And on the bright side, i have been spurred on to kick start that blasted diet again.  A friend gave me the details of the doctor she sees about her fills.  Medicare pays for it and she only has to shell out $10 from her own pocket.  Much better than the $100+ the other doctor was going to charge me.  So with tummy being a tad princess-y lately, there is no better time to start.

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