03 March 2009

Big Love

Master bought the first complete season of Big Love on DVD.  We're upto ep 4 now.  Part of the reason to get it is to observe how poly households work.  Thats poly as in polygamous, not polyamorous.  He's not polyamorous, that's me.

Before meeting me, He never thought about having more than one slave, He didn't know if He would meet any that were Ok with that.  So, i think i was a breath of fresh air in that department. 

So, i asked Him if He was picking up any tips.  Nope, He's been too caught up in the story line lol.

Now i am poly and i do look forward to having someone else join us, i do have a couple of insecurities though.  But that's left off stuff from my past.  i won't be letting it get in the way and we will be working through all the steps together, to make sure its a success for us.  He's not interested in a sexual relationship with another, just the domming of them.  There is also my being bi and Him having a fantasy of two women together (what straight man doesn't?), so we both feel a married woman who wants to explore this side of herself (the submitting not the bi so much) - with her husband's concent or a lesbian would make an idea second slave.  i told Him, He's much more likely to find the housewife than anyone else.

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